About Us

As a rider for nearly thirty years and a sporthorse breeder for ten (KPH Stud), I was looking for a way to 'create' my own horses in as correct and happy a state of mind that I could so that they can have the best start to their ridden careers. I muddled around with various ideas from different trainers, but nothing really gave the full solution—maybe a bit of one, and a bit of another suited—but then I found Mr HP's website and have been solely using his dvds and saddlery since. Mr HP is the real deal: nothing is hidden, nothing left out, and he's there when you need help.

HP's and Linda's DVDs are second to none. They're easy to understand, practical, and as foolproof as anything can be in the horse industry.

HP's saddlery is from another world. With Mr HP's vast experience and eye for quality these products couldn't be anything but. The leather is old fashioned quality American leather that will withstand the punishment it'll get. It'll last longer than you will.

And that's why we've become his NZ agent: to bring you the best ideas and the best gear at the best price.