About Us

We are so glad to be agents of John and Linda O’Leary and part of the International team of Horse Problems Australia.

I have been following Horse Problems for many years and believe there are no better training methods. As a rider for nearly thirty years and a sporthorse breeder (KPH Stud), I was looking for a way to start my own horses in as correct and happy a state of mind that I could so that they can have the best start to their ridden careers. From handling your foal, starting your breaker, to dressage lessons with Linda, it's all here in a comprehensive and simple to follow way, plus the gear to get the job done.

John and Linda have so much knowledge and experience and I have found their website to be invaluable over the years, and so I am excited to be able to share their quality products and give you access to their knowledge and experience as their New Zealand Agent.