Mouthing the Horse




This mouthing system is quite frankly the secret to my success.

It is THE ONLY mouthing system on the planet that can put a 10 rated mouth on a young horse. This system will give the amateur the tools to do what most professionals can't do and offers most professionals a 'career changing opportunity'. If I charged $1,000 for this, it would be money well spent!

As always, produced with the novice in mind and explained in a step by step manner so that you can completely understand, without the 'buzz words' and hype that is common place these days.

Put air brakes on your horse via training the one-rein-stop from the ground, so you can shut down any situation when riding without a drama. This has saved many a rider.

Novices may mouth their own horses better than most horse breakers, and regularly do!

Duration: 2hrs 47mins


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Just to let you know the mouthing info gear answered a lot of questions and solved the young colts driving. I was starting a yearling clyde colt—he has to have a bit in for showing so was used to having a bit put in. I decided to try some mouthing /steering with the roller and side reins. By day three he was briefly giving to the bridle and then resisting—exactly what you say the fixed side rein does!!—I’m glad I found your info because I was tempted to call it typical coltish independent type!! Your bit and running reins and just one lesson on single rein yielding on both side and I actually drove him around for a very careful short distance. And he drove lightly and turned promptly. That first lesson was amazing for me and for him I hope.

Many thanks, Sylvia.

Just thought i should let you know I purchased your mouthing video in january this year, and after watching it a couple of times I finally had the chance to put it to practice. Firstly after being bought up on a farm and riding relitively quiet horses most of the time, and also breaking some in possibly (only five) and lucky that I ended up with any lateral mouth at all,have got to say after mouthing the young stock horse gelding at present,took him for his first ride today and would have to say he is the most responsive I have ever witnessed any breaker at all. In fact when the rein dropped down a little when lunging him before I hopped on him he turned to that very lightness. Mate I followed the running rein system and he carries his head like the horse you are road riding in the pictures you have sent, and had I known may have been able to correct some of the stock horses over the years. On his first ride he went to do a few high steps but when I one rein stopped him, it was easy to talk him around. I had a horse broken early in the year as work was busy (I should have made time) have come to the conclusion that please put out as many videos as you can as the art is dying, as the comment made from the horse I got back from the professional breaker was I wouldnt get him to break in my dog. I also re-mouthed this horse after I got him home, as when I picked him up from the breaker he had to clip his head down to have any control at all (what a waste of money) however I fixed him also and he is going like a dream, but wondered how good his mouth would have been if I had the chance. Mate you are a talent and I think you will save a lot of horses lives if people find out about you and your perfect system thanks champ.
Mick from Queensland. Ps I think you have got the dream job also.

Hi John,
After an all night marathon (I couldn't stop watching) I had to write you with great thanks for making your best DVD to date. Not only is the re-mouthing DVD so beneficial to those of us that wish to help the ex-racehorse (and actually enjoy it ), it is in my opinion an invaluable piece of material that EVERY horse owner should have in their library.
Covering tons of subjects and difficult lessons, it is concise, brilliant viewing and as always from you, an inspiration. I hope for all the darlings out there that you post millions! I'll be promoting it til the cows come home.
Best regards, Asher Keddie

Hi John

Firstly i just wanted to thank you again for your Mouthing DVD,I just wish everyone could have a copy.I purchased it earlier in the year and did the step by step all the way. Brilliant! So much so that as i chickened out on the first Proper ride and sent my horse to a Breaker i trust, he phoned me after my horse had been there 4 days and said "come and get your horse as he would be wasting my money if he stayed any longer"! The breaker loved him! said he had great brakes and was soft and like riding an educated horse! I also rode him at the Breakers to see if i was happy to take him home and rode him first in the round yard then out in a large paddock and he was soft and light and carried himself in a proper frame and didn't put a foot wrong same when i got him home. I must add has Part Arab too i thought they were all Maniacs Ha, hes pure joy. Hes now been turned out to mature some more and im looking forward to starting him again. THANKS TO YOU!

Dear HP
On a different note, I must warn you my husband is about to send you a very gushy thank you for your mouthing system. I have already commented on it on his behalf to you once, but yesterday after walking the latest breaker through creeks and happily chasing cows away ect all on her third ride ever, he said he felt like it was somehow wrong that breaking in was now this easy! We have been sending back some very happy horses to some very happy owners! You are a legend.
We are enjoying all your holiday photos, Regards Rachel and Anthony( Fred).

Hello Mr HP
My daughter and I watched your Mouthing DVD and I all I can say it's fantastic. I would urge everyone who owns a hay burner to get hold of this DVD, as it can and will save a life or two.
It was just a pity we didn't watch it before my daughter got on the STB with people issues. She found out this horse had absolutely no brakes. She was literally standing in the stirrups hauling on it's mouth with all of her weight (which isn't a lot) and it still didn't stop. The horse decided to see what would happen to the person on his back if he took off. Luckily she was riding in the round yard and the horse couldn't actually bolt off into the big blue yonder. Now the horse will be mouthed before anyone gets on it again. Thanks again for being there to give advise when we come across problems we don't have an answer for.

Hi John
Ooh I should mention, we watched the mouthing DVD yesterday. And something happened, I couldn't believe possible. My "better" half is a complete convert! We do things slightly similar, but after seeing you ask for the "lateral mouth", he has now seen the light and its benefits for both the racing STB as well as hack now all our horses will be mouthed this way. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!