Re-mouthing the Horse



This set handles the re-mouthing of many horses and takes into account the ridden re-training of them as well. From the dressage Horse, Pony Club wooden mouth to the off the track racehorse, this fixes them all.

Handling all the subjects why horses lose their mouths, how to retain them both on the ground and under saddle. Dealing with Dressage Horses, Race Horses, Hacks and Starters.

It is THE ONLY mouthing system on the planet that can put a 10 rated mouth on a young horse. This system will give the amateur the tools to do what most Professionals can't do and offers most Professionals a 'career changing opportunity'. If I charged $1,000 for this, it would be money well spent!

As always, produced with the novice in mind and explained in a step by step manner so that they can completely understand, without the 'buzz words' and hype that is common place these days.

Put air brakes on your horse via training the one-rein-stop from the ground, so you can shut down any situation when riding without a drama. This has saved many a rider.

I have also included on this DVD for Trainers, a major secret regarding the next two phases in putting the top Mouth on a young Horse. I couldn't fit it on the Mouthing DVD (under saddle).

Duration: 7hrs 25mins

NB: This video is NOT for MOUTHING HORSES. Go here for the Mouthing DVD.


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