About Us

I'm so glad to be the NZ agent for John and Linda O’Leary and part of the International team of Horse Problems Australia.

I had been following Horse Problems for many years and believe there are no better training methods—John & Linda both explain their training in full and what you see is what you get, no tricks or marketing, just great practical horsemanship. As a rider for over thirty years and a sporthorse breeder (KPH Stud), I like to make sure my own horses in a way that sets them up to win via handling and starting so that they can have the best start to their ridden careers. Their training and advice covers everything you need from handling your foal, starting your breaker, to dressage lessons with Linda, it's all here in a comprehensive and simple to follow way, plus the gear to get the job done.

John and Linda have so much knowledge and experience and I have found their website to be invaluable over the years, and so I'm excited to be able to share their quality products and give you local access to their knowledge and experience as their New Zealand Agent.

I look forward to being able to supply you with what I know is the real deal.

Kathryn Angus