HP Relief D-Ring Bit with Lozenge

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Ideal for horses that like a set cheek piece that enables the bit to sit very still in the mouth, with some extra steering control from the D-Ring sides.


  • The HP Relief Lozenge is anatomically designed for both comfort and communication and it helps to develop a true contact and higher level of responsiveness.
  • The Lozenge centre eliminates the harsh nutcracker action;
  • Ergonomically designed curve for improved fit and comfort to the horse;
  • Smaller diameter metal to ensure maximum comfort to the horses tongue and palette, and enable the horse to seal its mouth and swallow;
  • The HP Lozenge is ideal horses with thick tongues and low palates that simply don’t have room in their mouths for any bit wider than 12mm. Unfortunately, nearly all bits start at 14mm diameter and are too thick for them.
  • Promote a softer more consistent contact, encouraging the horse to soften through the jaw relaxing and lengthening the neck.;
  • The design also stops the rings from completely opening outwards or inwards, adding stablility and less play than a regular loose ring.

Available in sizes 4" to 7".

For the barrel version of this bit, go here.





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