HP Relief D-Ring Bit with Hooks and Barrel

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The HP Relief D-Ring Bit with barrel and hooks for mild leverage. Good for extra control in speed or jumping events. The D-Ring gives directional control and stability in the horses mouth, coupled with the barrel to give independent side action. Optional rein positions so can be used without the leverage action.

Also known as a Wilkie or Bevel bit. All other Wilkie/Bevel bits are loose ring, which means that the bit rises up, putting pressure on the corners of the lips, as well as the poll pressure, when the reins are used. Many horses hate this and like our version better, as the action is precise and the bit remains stable in the mouth.

Available in 4" to 6", barrel only.


  • Elimination of the harsh nutcracker action;
  • Extra curve wraps around the mouth for improved fit and comfort to the horse;
  • Mild leverage action;
  • Smaller diameter metal to ensure maximum comfort to the horses tongue and palette, and enable the horse to seal its mouth and swallow;
  • Even pressure on the centre of the tongue;
  • All barrel bits have copper inserts;
  • Horses appreciate the double joint as they can manipulate the location of the bit sitting (especially so with the barrel) to avoid the main nerves in the bars.

Available with barrel only, and in sizes 4" to 7".

Barrel sizes: 4–4.75" = 20mm; 5–5.50" = 28mm; 6–7" = 30mm.


“Hi, Just wanted to let you know how much I love your bits! I use the hp relief wilkie on my chestnut show jumper. He can be a bit temperamental and sensitive in the mouth but not in this! I only ride him in a snaffle version at home but when jumping 1.30s sometimes I just need a bit more control – in his HP he still takes the contact but just listens a bit more. He never argues or throws his head around, I have no idea how I coped without it!! We are using the same bit on a horse which even though having his teeth checked over and over could never accept any bit. He was being ridden in a hackamore as he just couldn’t cope. Now happily competing and hunting in his HP relief bit. I also use it on my hunter’s who equally love it. I get questions about it regularly and always 100% recommend anyone to try them. Horses just seem the feel much nicer in them. “
Maureen, UK

"Thank you for making such a quality bit available. My young Ngati Awa type gelding has extremely fleshy cheeks and other bits pinched this tender soft tissue. His sensitive tongue did not tolerate much pressure and other bits impeded his swallow – causing a continuous out-flow of saliva during training. He “tolerated” and accepted other bits but only due to his forgiving nature. This new bit has changed everything. He drops his head and takes it from my hand like a piece of apple. The drooling has ceased. His head carriage is relaxed and signals are direct and discreet. Make no mistake – I spent a fortune on quality bits (including Myler) and I did not have great expectations. This has been a real success."
Nancy, Ohope