HP Relief Eggbutt Bit with Barrel

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Ideal for horses that like a set cheek piece that enables the bit to sit very still in the mouth, also good for riders who don't have the steadiest hands.


  • Elimination of the harsh nutcracker action;
  • Extra curve wraps around the mouth for improved fit and comfort to the horse;
  • Smaller rings to prevent rubbing the outside of the face;
  • Smaller diameter metal to ensure maximum comfort to the horses tongue and palette, and enable the horse to seal its mouth and swallow;
  • Even pressure on the centre of the tongue;
  • All barrel bits have copper inserts;
  • Horses appreciate the double joint as they can manipulate the location of the bit sitting (especially so with the barrel) to avoid the main nerves in the bars.

Available with barrel or lozenge, and in sizes 4" to 7".

Barrel sizes: 4–4.75" = 20mm; 5–5.50" = 28mm; 6–7" = 30mm.

The rings sizes match the bit size, go from 60mm for our 4", to 80mm for our largest sizes.

For the lozenge version of this bit, go here.