HP Relief Pelham with Barrel

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Combined with our shaped arms & barrel, the Pelham is great for adding control while ensuring maximum comfort for your horse.

The Pelham bit works on leverage so that you can have a lighter contact with the horses mouth. You must have good hands to be able to ride in this bit without interfering with the horse. Rein aids become 2–3 times stronger than what you feel in your hands.

The curb chain should only be tightened enough to come into play when the curb rein is used, it should not be fitted tightly under any circumstances. It must lie flat in the curb groove (use a lip strap to keep it there if needed) and adjusted to allow the shank to rotate to 45 degrees to lip line before becoming snug on the jaw. At this point the bit is at its most effective and useful for the rider.

Can be ridden with two reins so that the curb only comes into play when required, or used with Pelham roundings to combine the actions.


  • Elimination of the harsh nutcracker action;
  • Extra curve wraps around the mouth for improved fit and comfort to the horse;
  • Smaller diameter metal to ensure maximum comfort to the horses tongue and palette, and enable the horse to seal its mouth and swallow;
  • Even pressure on the centre of the tongue;
  • All barrel bits have copper inserts;
  • Horses appreciate the double joint as they can manipulate the location of the bit sitting (especially so with the barrel) to avoid the main nerves in the bars.

Available in sizes 4" to 7.0", with barrel. Includes curb chain & hooks.

Barrel sizes: 4–4.75" = 20mm; 5–5.50" = 28mm; 6–7" = 30mm.