HP Relief Universal Bit with Lozenge

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Unlike other brands, our Universal bit features a small offset ring at the top for cheek straps. Offsetting this ring ensures that any excessive cheek pressure is avoided and the large ring is kept from rubbing the sides of the face.

The HP Relief Universal Bit is ideal for those requiring a range of control options. Depending on where the rein is attached to the rings gives varying degrees of leverage action.

The HP Relief Oblique Lozenge Collection is an innovative range of bits, designed by John O’Leary of Horseproblems Australia in conjunction with Linda O’Leary, winner of the 'South Australian FEI Dressage Rider' and also 'Dressage Horse of the Year 2015'.

The HP Oblique lozenge does not have the major design flaw of the French Link and other cheap lozenge bits. The French Link and many lozenge bits have two protruding semicircles at 90 degrees to the flat side of the link or lozenge, which put painful pressure points on the mouth when a contact is taken—this often causes evasions. The HP Lozenge is like the Neue Schule bits in that the semicircles lie flat in the same plane as the lozenge, not at 90 degrees to it.


  • Offset cheekstrap ring to reduce pressure & rubbing on facel
  • Elimination of the harsh nutcracker action;
  • Curve wraps around the mouth for improved fit and comfort to the horse;
  • Varying degrees of leverage action depending on rings selected;
  • Smaller diameter metal to ensure maximum comfort to the horses tongue and palette, and enable the horse to seal its mouth and swallow;
  • Even pressure & stability on the centre of the tongue;
  • Horses appreciate the double joint as they can manipulate the location of the bit sitting (especially so with the barrel) to avoid the main nerves in the bars.