Breaking in Collar

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Breaking In Collar

You can't buy these at Saddlery Shops any more! Breaking in collar for pulling back legs up and other things.

Just out of interest, the images are of an unbroken Horse. She is the Foal out of the Halter Training the Foal DVD. I have the luxury of doing this, untrained, in the middle of a bitumen car park and why? Hobble training and proper Halter Breaking.

The Breaking In Collar is also a wonderful tool for putting the 'icing on the cake' when halter breaking foals, making them supremely light to lead & sets them up to be ready to tie up.

Made from double leather with webbing sandwiched in the middle to add extra strength and ensure it'll never stretch out of shape. Additional inside soft leather lining. All double stitching and riveted for extra strength. Double tongued buckle.

Available in Full/Cob sizing. Brown only.

NOTE: This does not include the Back Leg Strap or the Collar Rope, these are sold seperately. Go here for the Collar Rope Package.