Halter Starting the Foal



If owners, start their foal, all done and dusted by their 3rd week of life, they will be solid throughout their career and protected from so many of life's dangers. No handling problems if you have to get veterinary treatment or farriers in early. Included are tying up, float training and leg restraints training. Virtually started, at the age of three weeks. This system never fails and turns out the best horses!

Duration: 3hrs 9mins


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Hi Mr. HP,
Just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you for putting all the time and effort into making your DVDs and sharing them with the world. They saved the life of a month-old foal on Tuesday. The foal was halter-broke using your system and was hobble trained (following your leg restraints DVD system) by the time it was a week and a half old (front and back hobbles)… And we’ve never been more grateful that he was trained to really give to pressure so early! On Tuesday he got hung up on the fence; we suspect he reared up and somehow went halfway over, then got his frontlegs pinched/twisted in the two top strands… he hanged there for what must have been about five minutes before someone spotted him… no panic. None. No tearing, no ripping, no nothing. It is unbelievable. He’s got a couple of small scuff marks from where he hit himself against a dropper on his way down the other side of the fence, but no wire cuts… And he was twisted up in the fence good and proper – the line had to be cut off him. He didn’t pull or panic so he got no serious injuries.

If this foal had not been taught to accept leg restraints and to give to pressure – I am 100% sure that he would’ve severed his tendons and ripped all the skin from his lower legs. Most probably ended up euthanized.
In my opinion, it should be deemed negligent of any foal owner NOT to train their youngsters to leg restraints.
Thank you for your DVD. I will use it on every horse I own in the future and will highly recommend it to any and every horse owner across the world. It really does save lives.

Hi John,
I just wanted to say thank you for producing this DVD.  My 11 month old Clydie X colt had his first farrier appointment yesterday and what a champ he was—all thanks to your DVD.  I've only had him about five weeks, and he was relatively unhandled when I got him, but with a fabulous temperament.
Well, the difference in him after this training is amazing.  My farrier (with 40 odd years experience) was absolutely rapt with my not so little boy, he's said he's never had a young one be so well behaved for his first trim.
Thanks again, and keep the DVD's coming! 



Hi John,
Have watched both dvds on the foal halter breaking and leg restraints last night.
Colt Foal is 3 months, has been hoof trimmed and we can pick up all legs.
Has been halter broken with webbing halter and we put your rope one on last night and he went really well.
He is a very friendly foal most of the time so the 2 issues I feel we have and of course will be our fault is
1) When he comes at us, free or on the lead he sometimes want to strike us with front leg – WILL THE FOAL HOBBLES HELP TO STOP THIS STRIKING
2) He tries to bite us when he thinks we are not looking, sometimes its nibbling then it can be a full on strike out with his mouth, especially to the side of us.
We have tried the “ make out he ran into your arm elbow or whatever we may have in our hand” several times we have smacked him on the nose but have been told that can make him head shy.
He of course does not tolerate well our hand, stroking him around his arch of his neck and between his ears. He is Ok when he has his head in a bucket of speedibeet though.
Are you able to give me any ideas on how to deal with this.
Cheers, Caro


Hi John again,
I guess from all these years of training you knew I would email again lol very shortly.
Since the two days of hobble training and halter leading, he has stop his rushing at us with the legs striking.
Yes, with confidence, we went at him like his mother does and we stopped being intimidated by him. lol fancy that
And yes the biting at us as become a nibble and like in your dvd but we didn’t stop him from munching on lead ropes and halters.
OMG we bow down to you John, should never have doubted anything we saw from your help and training. (not that we ever did)
In one weekend I feel that I and my daughters have gained so much confidence and knowledge, thanks to you.
We had him leading over a blue tarp and had an old rug draped over him while he walked around his mum who was being ridden by my daughters.
Thank you, Caro