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Using a multiple of totally inexperienced horses, Linda O'Leary shows how to bring the horse 'on the bit' and in a frame, without any gimmicks.

Riding a horse 'above the bit' directly damages the veterinary health of the horse and indeed, endangers the sacroiliac

Read more about the effects of riding above the bit here. Read about sacroiliac damage in the performance horse here.

Duration: 1hr 31mins

The hardcopy dvd is IN STOCK here in NZ & able to be purchased.

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Just a quick email to say Linda what a REFRESHING and helpful DVD "Above the Bit" is. (I have some of your others but we haven't got around to watching as yet).

Okay, I will 'fess that I use to read John raving about your talent with horses and would think "God help me...what a sad besotted husband he is" and  somewhat sceptically I bought your DVD's.

How refreshing it is to actually see horses which aren't going around just perfectly on this DVD and in simple, straight forward laymans terms hearing real PRACTICAL advice on working through the issue. I appreciate the warts and all footage that you have left in, instead of the heavily edited versions that I've seen so often in "instructional" horse dvds, which really show a polished horse being ridden by a polished rider telling you how to do it. Yes it has its place, but a lot of horse people, including my family want REAL life scenarios with straight forward clear advice.

Looking forward to getting more dvds in the future. I only wished you lived in NSW, oh say within half an hours drive, surely you must be tired of the SA heat? :-)

Again, it was just refreshing to see in the DVD unpolished horses used with Linda talking through it. EXACTLY what I was looking for and you know, when my 18 year old daughter was watching it (who rides a warmblood sensitive type mare), it helped her. I grew up using the one rein stop (or as we use to say 'the bolt stopper), but NEVER would have thought to apply it as in the video and it has proved a great tool for Sarah in the way Linda has used it.  What a revelation!

Linda's way of explaining things is just great, a down to earth UNDERSTANDABLE way, I seriously do mean it when I said I wished she lived closer, because she would have the three of us going to her. I think you'd be the type to understand what I mean when I say that for somebody so accomplished, she is so down to earth, no hint of smugness.

I don't suppose you take working pupils?