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This is a three DVD Set and is the first and difinitive re-education of the ex Racehorse.

The systems provided here, and the back up support, will save you months of work, if not stop you wasting the entire process.
Remember, the Veterinary has to be seriously considered as you work with these horses and remember also that 100% of them have stomach ulcers and MUST be treated.

Duration: 4hrs 30mins

The hardcopy dvd is IN STOCK here in NZ & able to be purchased.

Click on this link to preview the dvd, and/or purchase the online version directly from Vimeo:


Dear Mr and Mrs HP,
This message is to thank you both for your dvds which I have been working my way through. I have recently returned from an amazing loose rein walk thru the National Park on my very stupid OTTB (aren't they all though!) After just four half hour rides during which I followed your instructions to the best of my ability using serious lateral flexion to wind down the running/jogging trying to buck every second step/separation anxiety—you name it—we had it! I now see that I may have a horse on my hand. I am soo pleased, thank you both so much. You have saved me from a very nasty fall I suspect, and although I no we have much to do, I am simply amazed at how quickly results come when your methods are applied correctly and relief given for the correct response. Thank you so much - we had the most amazing power walk home! All on a totally loose rein and it was a pleasure to not be frightened at every second step. The horse is even responding to my verbal warning as he knows what is coming every time he breaks gait. I'm so pleased. This horse is such a git and was really frightening the life out of me—not fun at all. Now we are on a plan. yey!.